Articles published in 2005

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November 2005
European Fitness
From one piece of fitness equipment in the family garage to become the exclusive supplier to the Olympics
October 2005
Woman Alive
She heads a multi-million pound business and is one of the best known faces in diet and fitness
September 2005
Club Business Europe
The Olympic champion won the bid to host the 2012 Games in London, with the support of the nation
July 2005
Review of the book by Liz Jensen
June 2005
Spa Business
The spa hotels on Margaret Island, Budapest have been refurbished and remarketed to attract new visitors
May 2005
Review of the book by Jeanette Winterson
April 2005
Club Business Europe
Virgin Active marks the opening of its 100th facility with a tour of two of its newest clubs in Italy.
February 2005
Spa Business
The Hasseludden Hotel near Stockholm has transformed itself into a Japanese-style spa resort
January 2005
A review of Joyce Carol Oates novel.