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June 2023
Country Living
From her Norfolk workshop, Abbey Molyneux is one of a growing crew of female boatbuilders keeping a traditional craft afloat.
April 2023
Pressing Matters
Catherine Larner speaks to established printmaker Angela Harding about how her familiar works of natural wonder come to life, then take flight into the wider world.
April 2023
Artist Julian Perry finds beauty and romance in a world under siege from environmental destruction.
November 2022
Classic Boat
Lyme Regis-based Gail McGarva's unique skill of preserving historic craft and sharing her passion with others, has blossomed into a thriving business model.
October 2022
Building, fixing, de-rusting and refitting - women are making waves in the traditionally male-dominated boatbuilding industry and supporting each other on social media.
September 2022
Classic Boat
She may be based on a farm in north Norfolk, but Abbey Molyneux is quickly building a name for herself in boat restoration
August 2022
This England
Catherine Larner on the reconstruction of the Anglo-Saxon ship unearthed at Sutton Hoo.
June 2022
Classic Boat
Jim Lawrence is a living icon of the days of sail, and although best known as a sailmaker, he started off as a barge hand on England's east coast.
April 2022
Classic Boat
The remains of the Anglo Saxon ship found in Suffolk in 1939 rocked the world of archaeology. Soon, it will be time to see a recreation afloat.
March 2022
Classic Boat
Artist and book illustrator Angela Harding has a clinker sailing yacht and a love of the wilder coast.
January 2022
Printmaker Angela Harding's beautiful and evocative illustrations of the natural world, inspired by annual sailing trips around Suffolk's coast and rivers, are favourite choices for everything from book covers to journals, calendars and tea towels.
August 2021
In the drab days of lockdown, nature warden Paul Green found joy in sculpting birds like the ones that visited his garden. His exquisite models became a TV hit, loved by celebrities, with Grayson Perry a devoted fan.
June 2021
That's the Waveney and Blyth Valley, where you can experience sculpture among 10 acres of wildflower meadows, woods and gardens.
March 2021
Helen Oxenbury's book illustrations have charmed young readers for decades and inspired her own children's creative careers.
February 2021
The latest titles, awards and news - including children's writers AM Howell and Astra Taylor-Todd and histories of Waldringfield and Ramsholt.