As a freelance journalist, writer, editor and presenter, I have enjoyed many years meeting and interviewing fascinating people, and visiting wonderful locations worldwide.

I regularly conduct on-stage interviews with authors and personalities at festivals and events, and for more than 10 years co-hosted a monthly on air book club with Lesley Dolphin at BBC Radio Suffolk.

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Magazine cover pagesAs a journalist I contribute lifestyle features and profiles for regional and national newspapers and magazines. As the former editor of the leading business journal for the fitness industry in Europe, I continue to write about the market for a US publication.

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For more than 10 years I've co-hosted an on-air book club on BBC Radio Suffolk with Lesley Dolphin. Listen to past book club discussions with Lesley here.

In addition, my print articles and author interviews often feature as podcasts. You can listen to the latest, an interview with former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams for Premier Radio here.

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At events

Hosting book launches and talks for festivals and events throughout Suffolk, I regularly interview authors on stage with audiences from 30 to 300. In the past year I have been in conversation with Victoria Hislop, Simon Mayo, Diane Setterfield, Julia Blackburn, Elly Griffiths and Nicola Upson at events throughout Suffolk.

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in 'Suffolk ', June 2021
Why do certain places call to us? Why do we connect to some environments and not others? It's a topic gardening writer Anna Pavord will explore when she visits Suffolk, a county she has come to love.
in 'Suffolk', June 2021
Has the Covid pandemic made scientists of us all? Evolutionary biologist and author Richard Dawkins believes it may, at least, have increased our understanding of the importance of science and the world we live in.
in 'Suffolk', June 2021
Felixstowe Book Festival patron Esther Freud's ninth novel imagines what might have happened had her mother's complicated life taken a more sinister path.
in 'Suffolk', June 2021
That's the Waveney and Blyth Valley, where you can experience sculpture among 10 acres of wildflower meadows, woods and gardens.
in 'Suffolk', May 2021
Writer and journalist Simon Garfield, who has an eclectic range of book titles to his credit, turns his attention to our relationships with dogs.
in 'Suffolk', May 2021
It's fun, it's original, it's energetic and possibly a bit's the Handlebards cycling to an outdoor venue hopefully near you.

Online Event: Sunday 20 June

Anna Pavord
in conversation with Catherine Larner
The Cut, Halesworth, online fundraiser
Sunday 20 June, 3pm

Anna will be on stage, in person at The Cut, talking to journalist and writer Catherine Larner about her life as a gardener, gardening correspondent, writer of a dozen books, and author of 'The Tulip' in this illustrated talk.

Tickets available here

You can read more about Anna in this month's 'Suffolk' magazine.


Whose line is it?

Do you remember the comedy improvisation programme on TV, 'Whose Line Is It Anyway'? I always thought it had a bit of a cult following, but it seems everyone of a certain age watched it. Of course there were many well known names taking part but it was also such an exciting prospect because no one knew what was going to happen next, including the performers.

Improvisation has had a resurgence in recent years. I've been intrigued by the Austentatious troupe who create a comedy play inspired by Jane Austen from a title suggested by an audience member on the night. Some day soon maybe I'll see them perform in real life, but I did enjoy interviewing one of their founders Cariad Lloyd a few months ago. You can take a look here.

I was interested to learn of a book recently published, explaining all we need to know about improv. The terms and devices are spelt out, as well as descriptions of the spirit and teamwork involved. What's more, though, the author, Pippa Evans explains how we can apply these techniques and understanding to our regular daily lives. It's a self-help book with a difference, and is great fun.

Thank you for reading.

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