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November 2016
Iain Maitland thought he had written a funny book about family life, but it was far from a joke for a teenager suffering depression.
September 2016
Woman Alive
Author Beth Moran explains how she overcame selective mutism.
May 2016
Woman Alive
The entrepreneur behind Virgin Vie and Temple Spa beauty products talks about being a Christian in the world of business.
February 2016
Liz and Mark Warom, the Suffolk-born founders of the deliciously different Temple Spa brand, talk to Catherine Larner.
October 2015
Rowing & Regatta
October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month and for one crew from Royal Chester this will be particularly poignant.
October 2015
Pioneering work in Suffolk is helping to improve the lives of people with dementia, and their carers.
May 2015
Grow Your Own
Short of land at home, two friends enjoy growing vegetables on the other side of town, in someone else's garden.
April 2015
Winner of the Costa Book of the Year, author Helen Macdonald talks about how a goshawk helped her through the grief of losing her father
August 2014
Spa Business
Spa franchises are growing worldwide, with rapid expansion in the US. We take a look at how they're shaping the market.
November 2008
Club Business Europe
Brian Morris talks about running Aspria's independent, premium clubs across borders in Europe.
October 2008
Woman Alive
Anorexia, obesity, yo-yo dieting - many women battle an unhealthy relationship with food. Four women now offer help to others.
June 2007
Club Business Europe
What is being done to assist those who need remedial care?
June 2006
People continue to escape their regular lives to go on a retreat. Searching for peace, renewal and balance, Catherine Larner reports on new approaches to an ancient tradition