Heartbreak Hotel
by Deborah Moggach
When Buffy inherits a run-down B&B in Wales he launches residential divorce courses to help fill beds. An ex-wife thinks the village more desirable than living in Suffolk!
River of Destiny
by Barbara Erskine
A mystery, ghost story and romance set on and beside the River Deben featuring Woodbridge and Sutton Hoo and spanning Anglo-Saxon, Victorian and present day.
The Bookshop
by Penelope Fitzgerald
People living in Hardborough, an East Anglian seaside town resembling Southwold and Aldeburgh, don't want a bookshop. Owner, Florence Green battles against the opposition before facing the inevitable.
Seldom Seen
by Sarah Ridgard
The village of Worlingworth in the 1980s - a bleak, dark, disturbing account of the secrets of village life.
Under an English Heaven
by Robert Radcliffe
A story of how the second world war is impacting the villages and bomber bases of Suffolk in the summer of 1943.
The Road Home
by Rose Tremain
A powerful, moving and completely consuming account which has been meticulously and sensitively researched. Huge admiration expressed for the author.
The Dig
by John Preston
An account of the unearthing of Anglo-Saxon treasure, at the home of Mrs Pretty at Sutton Hoo near Woodbridge in 1939.
Something Might Happen
by Julie Myerson
A bleak but compelling story of a murder in a seaside town, based on Southwold.
Death in Holy Orders
by P D James
A student priest is found dead at the foot of a crumbling cliff. Commander Adam Dalgliesh is sent to the small theological college on the East Anglian coast to investigate.
What I Was
by Meg Rosoff
Escaping his boarding school, the narrator befriends the mysterious Finn who lives alone in a fishing hut. Set in fictionalised Shingle Street and Southwold.