This table lists all my event reports in chronological order, with the most recent first.

You can search the titles for a key word in the title, an author's surname or the event year.

Title Event date Author firstname Book Author Surname
Introducing Anne Youngson 7 June 2018 Anne Youngson
Jeffery Deaver in conversation 22 May 2018 Jeffrey Deaver
Ruth Hogan in conversation 2 May 2018 Ruth Hogan
Diana Henry in conversation 9 April 2018 Diana Henry
Robert Peston in conversation 11 January 2018 Robert Peston
Maggie O'Farrell in conversation 6 November 2017 Maggie O'Farrell
Sabrina Ghayour's Feasts 4 September 2017 Sabrina Ghayour
Greatest Hits 19 June 2017 Laura Barnett
Meet the author Sharon Bolton 26 April 2017 Sharon Bolton
Introducing Jem Lester 21 February 2017 Jem Lester
Artemis Cooper 28 September 2016 Artemis Cooper
Victoria Hislop in conversation 27 September 2016 Victoria Hislop
Cookery writer, Diana Henry 5 September 2016 Diana Henry
Great British Bake Off's Martha Collison visits, 15 July 2016 Martha Collison
'How to find love in a bookshop' 24 June 2016 Veronica Henry
Jill Dawson in conversation 14 June 2016 Jill Dawson
Kate Williams 31 March 2016 Kate Williams
Jonathan Glancey in conversation 23 February 2016 Jonathan Glancey
Emily Hauser 28 January 2016 Emily Hauser
Rachel Joyce 13 November 2015 Rachel Joyce