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November 2013
Woman Alive
Catherine Campbell's daughters were born with a rare condition and died aged 10 and 13. She talks about coping with tragedy and holding onto faith.
March 2009
Club Business International
European health club operators share their perspectives on the economic situation
July 2008
Christian Marketplace
Looking at some of the books available to 'help' us in our quest for a greener Christian lifestyle.
June 2008
Articles about two teenage girls, one who experienced self-harming and one recovering from a horrific car crash
March 2008
Twelve-year-old Alexandra gets to pretend she lives in Tudor times
December 2007
The earth is heating up, but is there anything we can really do?
November 2007
Club Business Europe
France's struggle with poor lifestyle habits presents an opportunity for French clubs.
June 2007
Club Business Europe
What is being done to assist those who need remedial care?
May 2007
Church Times
For parents of children with learning disabilities, it can be a struggle to have their children's needs met. Catherine Larner reports
May 2007
Church Times
The murders of prostitutes in Ipswich highlighted the dangers faced by these vulnerable women, and encouraged efforts to help them.
June 2006
People continue to escape their regular lives to go on a retreat. Searching for peace, renewal and balance, Catherine Larner reports on new approaches to an ancient tradition
January 2005
Spa Business
Ground-breaking research from John Moores University in Liverpool, the UK, shows that low-intensity exercise can have dramatic health benefits for spa guests of all ages