My Life in Houses
by Margaret Forster
A wonderful account of the meaning of the houses, and homes, to this much-loved author.
Reasons to Stay Alive
by Matt Haig
The most astonishing personal account of understanding and coping with depression. An uplifting, inspiring and moving read which you want to pick up again as soon as you put it down.
One Wild Song
by Paul Heiney
Sailing alone in the Atlantic, Heiney takes time to remember his son's life. A beautiful book which is moving and insightful.
This is Going to Hurt
by Adam Kay
These diaries of a junior doctor have been described as 'hilarious and heartbreaking'. What will we all think?
Think like an engineer
by Guru Madhavan
Stories about how the vision and application of engineers have influenced so many areas of modern life. Fascinating and inspiring.
Do no harm
by Henry Marsh
Part memoir, part case studies, this is an inspiring and enlightening compelling account of the life of a neurosurgeon.
The Psychopath Test
by Jon Ronson
Play it Again: An Amateur Against the Impossible
by Alan Rusbridger
A fascinating and inspiring account of life editing a national newspaper, while seeking to achieve a personal challenge!
A Life of My Own
by Claire Tomalin
A fascinating and moving account of the life of this respected biographer, beautifully written.
The Little Bookstore in Big Stone Gap
by Wendy Welch
An amusing and charming account of life running a second-hand bookshop in a small town in America.