The Last Pilot
by Benjamin Johncock
A fascinating look at life at the start of the space race for a pilot, husband and father. Intriguing, clever and mesmerising.
The Butcher's Hook
by Janet Ellis
Found myself physically repelled by elements of this story, but it's brilliantly written.
Watching Edie
by Camilla Way
A story of a friendship and obsession, with horrifying consequences. Compelling to read, with a haunting conclusion. Published July.
The Children Act
by Ian McEwan
A novella providing a snapshot of the life of a judge facing challenges personally and professionally.
The Vanishing Act of Esme Lennox
by Maggie O'Farrell
A powerful, compelling and moving tale of three generations.
The Lubetkin Legacy
by Marina Lewycka
A funny, silly book about misunderstandings and mistaken identities, published in May.
A Man Called Ove
by Fredrik Backman
A wonderful book! Funny, touching and uplifting. Everyone must read it!
A Snow Garden
by Rachel Joyce
A magical, moving and uplifting collections of stories, as you would expect from the creator of Harold Fry.
The Kind Worth Killing
by Peter Swanson
Do we know a murderer? This is a clever, gripping and intriguing thriller where the reader's usual sympathies are upturned.
A Perfect Crime
by A Yi
A disturbing presentation of the mind of a psychopath, translated from the Chinese.