by Ali Sparkes
The adventures of twins Josh and Danny who, thanks to an experimental serum, turn into insects!
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Jordan Stryker Bionic Agent
by Malcolm Rose
A massive explosion destroys the south of England, but one boy is saved and his damaged body is rebuilt.
My Sister Lives on the Mantelpiece
by Annabel Pitcher
James has just moved to the Lake District with his dad and his older sister, Jasmine. It is meant to be a fresh start for them all.
The Truth about Celia Frost
by Paula Rawsthorne
We are introduced to Celia as she comes to realise that her life has been built on a lie.
Boys Don't Cry
by Malorie Blackman
Dante is listening out for the postman bringing his A level results. He's quietly confident and looking forward to university but when the doorbell rings, he's surprised to see an ex-girlfriend with a baby and life suddenly takes a completely different path.
Being Billy
by Phil Earle
Billy lives in a care home. He is considered trouble because no one can touch him. He does what he wants, and he is full of anger. But Billy's younger brother and sister live in the home with him. They have known nothing else, and Billy will do anything to protect them.
by Harriet Goodwin
A ghost story for children set in a house inspired by Sutton Hoo, near Woodbridge, Suffolk.
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The London Eye Mystery
by Siobhan Dowd
Ted and Kat are waiting for their cousin, Salim to come off the London Eye. They've seen him get in, and watched his pod on its entire rotation, but when the doors open, he doesn't come out.
by Martyn Bedford
Fourteen-year-old Alex Gray wakes up one morning to discover he's not in his own bedroom. He goes downstairs to be greeted by a family he's never met before. And when he looks in the mirror, he doesn't recognise himself. How is it possible that Alex has become another boy - someone called Philip? And how have six months passed overnight?