The Apple Tart of Hope
by Sarah Moore Fitzgerald
A beautiful, perfectly constructed, magical book about friendship and the importance of kindness.
The Rest of Us Just Live Here
by Patrick Ness
Terrible things are happening in town, but Mikey and his friends just want a normal life. Published in August.
Fire Colour One
by Jenny Valentine
A YA novel about troubled relationships, love, loyalty, deception and revenge, and art. Published in July.
Bears Don't Read
by Emma Chichester Clark
A funny, sweet, stimulating and colourful introduction to the adventure of reading a book
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The Golden Plate
by Bernadette Watts
Delightful, traditional illustrations for a story with a powerful message.
The Winter Horses
by Philip Kerr
A powerful, shocking and moving story of war and survival.
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The Snow Day
by Richard Curtis
A beautifully illustrated book celebrating the magic that a snowy day brings.
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William and the Missing Masterpiece
by Helen Hancocks
An amusing, colourful tale about a cat detective searching for the Mona Cheesa in Paris!
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The Baking Life of Amelie Day
by Vanessa Curtis
A teenage girl loves baking and plans to enter a national competition, but her illness looks set to get in the way.
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Zeraffa Giraffa
by Dianne Hofmeyr
With beautiful illustrations by Jane Ray, this is a real life fairy story.
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