Sky Hawk
by Gill Lewis
A gripping read which is moving, uplifting and educational!
Mango and Bambang the Not-a-Pig
by Polly Faber
A funny and charming collection of linked stories, beautifully illustrated by Clara Vuillaumy.
Minus Me
by Ingelin Rossland
Beautifully written adventure of a seriously ill 13-year-old girl - her coming of age as she faces death, with a twist.
by Rob Biddulph
Fun illustrations, rhyming text and a grrrrreat story!
by Andy Mulligan
Three boys living on a dumpsite make a discovery they have only dreamed about. But will it bring them a new and better life or destroy them? A stunning thriller.
by Andy Mulligan
When work experience goes out of control! A fantastic idea which has produced a gripping and ultimately uplifting thriller.
The Longbow Girl
by Linda Davies
A thrilling adventure set in Wales with archery, adventure, time travel, romance and a strong female character. It's a brilliant book.
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Oliver and Patch
by Claire Freedman
Combining chic and cute in beautiful illustrations with a touching and uplifting story.
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How the Library (not the prince) Rescued Rapunzel
by Wendy Meddour
A silly modern take on the story of Rapunzel with a more positive message about girls and libraries!
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The Astounding Broccoli Boy
by Frank Cottrell Boyce
Another funny adventure from this brilliant author, inspired by real events!
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