July 2018
Buried Crown
by Ally Sherrick
Set in wartime Suffolk, steeped in the myths of the Sutton Hoo finds, this is a story of friendship, courage, superstition and faith.
May 2018
Boy 87
by Ele Fountain
Prompted by news reports of children fleeing war and poverty, this is a powerful story of hope and friendship in terrible, terrifying circumstances.
March 2018
Liar and Spy
by Rebecca Stead
January 2018
The Last Wild
by Piers Torday
Reading just one section of the book at a time for each week's discussion was tough. There was tension, humour and great characterisation in this imagined future of a corrupted world.
June 2017
Longbow Girl
by Linda Davies
April 2017
The Many Worlds of Albie Bright
by Christopher Edge
by Frank Cottrell Boyce
A group of children win a prize to go on a trip into space - but this is no theme park ride...
by Frank Cottrell Boyce
A family's dilemmas when they discover they have stumbled across millions of pounds.
There's a girl in the boy's bathroom
by Louis Sacher
Bradley tells lies and his teachers refer him to a counsellor to deal with his behaviour problems.
That's Life, Lily
by Valerie Dayre
Disgruntled Lily imagines life without her parents, but what is real and what's not in her account of that summer?
Broken Glass
by Sally Grindley
A gripping and moving adventure about two brothers, set in the poverty of India.
March 2013
How Kirsty Jenkins Stole the Elephant
by Elen Caldecott
Bringing humour and adventure to a story which encompasses loyalty, the importance of keeping your word and bereavement.
Johnny and the Bomb
by Terry Pratchett
A story of time travel and adventure as Johnny Maxwell, his friends and the bag lady Mrs Tachyon return to the Blackbury Blitz in 1941.
March 2012
Noah Barleywater Runs Away
by John Boyne
The book is a funny, magical modern fairy tale, and while there is a little bit of sadness, it is a story of hope.
I-Spy The Constantinople Caper
by Graham Marks
Set in Europe in the 1920s, this is the story of Trey, a boy whose life is dominated by his collection of comics telling the tales of super-sleuths and daring detectives.
The London Eye Mystery
by Siobhan Dowd
Ted and Kat are waiting for their cousin, Salim to come off the London Eye. They've seen him get in, and watched his pod on its entire rotation, but when the doors open, he doesn't come out.