Midwinter Break
by Bernard MacLaverty
A retired couple take a short break in Amsterdam. But the sightseeing is interrupted by troubling memories. With humour and sadness, conflict and moral dilemmas, what will you make of this book?
Date recommended: 3 April 2018
Slow Horses
by Mick Herron
What happens when spies don't make the grade? They become Slow Horses, according to Mick Herron and this, his first in a number of books about Jackson Lamb and his team.
Date recommended: 6 March 2018
The Keeper of Lost Things
by Ruth Hogan
A widower is managing his grief by collecting things people have lost or misplaced, and writing stories about them. Now it's time for him to hand on the role to someone else. A love story, a ghost story, a collection of short stories - what do we think of this book?
Date recommended: 6 February 2018
Dangerous Crossing
by Rachel Rhys
A captivating tale of passengers embarking on an ocean liner to Australia in 1939. War will soon be declared, and all have their own disappointments and tragedies they are eager to leave behind. How will they fare?
- including an interview with the author.
Date recommended: 2 January 2018
My Name is Leon
by Kit de Waal
Set in the 1980s, Jake and his nine-year-old brother Leon have been taken from their mother and put in the care of Maureen. How will they fare? Will their family be reunited? Funny, gritty, beautiful and honest say the reviews. What do you think?
Date recommended: 5 December 2017
The Reader on the 6.27
by Jean-Paul Didierlaurent
Enduring a soul-destroying job pulping books, a man saves random pages from destruction and reads them out loud to fellow commuters on his morning train journey. One day he stumbles across the pages of a diary...
Date recommended: 7 November 2017
by Ali Smith
This is the first of four seasonal ‘state of the nation’ novels by Ali Smith, addressing issues raised by the vote for Brexit. What will we make of it?
Date recommended: 3 October 2017
The Dry
by Jane Harper
This murder mystery in the Australian outback has been a huge bestseller. What will we think of it?
Date recommended: 6 September 2017
The Essex Serpent
by Sarah Perry
Date recommended: 1 August 2017
Olive Kitteridge
by Elisabeth Strout
A small town community in America told in thirteen stories all linked to one central character, Olive Kitteridge. What do we make of her?
Date recommended: 5 July 2017