Title Publication name Date
How we live now Suffolk October 2017
Lessons from nature Suffolk October 2017
Finding paradise Suffolk October 2017
I'm ready to make a difference Woman Alive October 2017
My Countryside...Margaret Howell Country Living September 2017
Hold the dream Woman Alive September 2017
Fashioning a story Suffolk September 2017
Shifting Lands Suffolk September 2017
A quiet modernist gem in Suffolk opens its doors in fundraising bid Wallpaper September 2017
Letters from the Suitcase Suffolk August 2017
The way I live ought to be normal Woman Alive July 2017
The King's River Suffolk July 2017
The spy maker Suffolk July 2017
The write place Suffolk June 2017
Murder at the seaside Suffolk June 2017
The Outsider Suffolk May 2017
Giving away £100m Inspire May 2017
Picking up the threads Suffolk April 2017
Finding time for history Suffolk March 2017
Holidays that refresh body, mind and soul Woman Alive March 2017